Dog Training classes

Group Classes



Live Online Classes

Behave! Life Skills online

Real life skills for a well behaved companion

6 week course on essential life skills, from the comfort of your own home. For all dogs, any age, any breed.

Come Back! Recallers

Build a brilliant recall

4 week course using game playing to kick start your recall.

Benefits of an online class

Your dog is less distracted in a familiar environment

If you’re worried about how well your dog will concentrate in a room with other dogs and people, then starting at home is a great option.

Your dog will feel safe

Before learning can begin, your dog needs to feel safe (and so do you). For dogs who are worried by other dogs or people, the typical class environment is not a good option. It can actually do harm if it overwhelms your dog. Online classes proved the perfect setting for your dog to learn general life skills without having to run the gauntlet of dealing with scary things around them.

You don’t have to leave the house

When the evenings are dark, cold, wet and miserable, you can avoid the hassle of having to gather all your gear up and drive to class.

You gain the gift of time

Less time driving to places, more time to spend on what you want. No need to dedicate it to practising all you’ve learned in our classes. Netflix, reading, wine drinking, whatever floats your boat.

No need to wrangle the kids or get childcare

All the family are welcome in our classes, but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re having to manage your dog and your children in class. Online classes mean your children can join in, or not, as they wish.

No excuses

You’ve been thinking about doing a class for ages but between school runs, children’s activities, cooking dinner and all the rest of it you can’t seem to carve out the time. Online in your own home doesn’t get any more convenient.

You get to watch everyone else

Because of the way an online class is structured, you get to watch other people train their dog without worrying about your dog being unruly or distracting.

Concentrated short training sessions

Another benefit to the class structure is that you get to do concentrated short pieces of training with your dog, then let them properly rest while you watch others. This is the best way to get quality behaviours in training. Too often in class you end up training for the entire hour to help your dog in the situation they find themselves in. At home you don’t have to worry, they can chill in between your on-screen training stints.

Training starts at home anyway

We were never training your dog in in-person classes; we were always training you. Being online doesn’t change that.

Video Feedback

An addition to our live online classes is the chance for feedback in between the live classes. You can send up to 3, short videos (less than 3mins each) of your training before the next class and get feedback on what’s going well, what to change and how to progress.

They are here to stay

I like to think we’re non traditionalists at Tails We Win and definitely don’t follow the “we’ve always done it this way” thinking.

It became clear during our testing phase that live online classes provide real benefits over the more common in person group class. That’s why we’ll be keeping them forever.