Single class dedicated to single topic

Deep Dive classes

60 min group class focussed on one topic


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About deep dive

Why deep dive?

You’ve taken Behave! or life skills class and mainly your dog is doing great. There’s just one or two tricky areas that could do with a bit more focus.

Our Deep Dive classes are one off group classes that focus in a single area on topics that dog-person teams typically struggle with.

 There’s no one approach that will work for every dog-person team.

These classes have a fluid structure and while we  come with a plan we are prepared to throw it out the window to give you and your dog what you need right then and there.  

What You’ll Get

Focused training

All the class content is dedicated to a single area for each class


Small classes

No more than 4 in a class along with professional, experienced tuition means you can be confident you’ll get plenty of individual attention.

flexible booking

Individual classes mean you can book what you like. Book a series of different topics. Or book one topic every time it comes up.

Individual help

Despite being a group class we are prepared to throw our plans out the window so you can get exactly what you need right then and there. No class will be the same so you can book repeatedly as you increase your team’s skill level.

dog & Human friendly methods

Only modern dog (and people) friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here.

Learn to use food, toys, praise and other rewards as effective reinforcement. No bribery!


Success is a pattern and it comes from repetition. We will set you up on your own success path.

Individiual training

In a class setting? Is that possible?

We’re sure it is. We are experienced at adjusting exercises for individuals in all our classes, we’re just taking it to the next level here. 

Don’t be surprised if we set different exercises for everyone in class. Or if everyone ends up doing the same. 

We will meet you and your dog where you are and set you the right exercise at the right level to push you forwards. 

No class will be the same, even if it’s on the same topic, becuase your skill level won’t be the same.

That’s why this isn’t a course. Pick what you need, when you need it and let us put you on your individual path for success.



These classes are suitable for you if:

  • You have completed our Behave! Foundations (or life skills class)
  • Or you have completed a private training package with us.
  • Your dog can cope around other dogs and people.

If you aren’t sure whether these are for you, get in touch to discuss it with us before booking.



Our Deep Dives currently cover

Building your Bond

What does a great bond with your dog look like to you? How can you develop it?

Let us help you build a relationship with your dog where you’re so in tune it looks like magic. 


Loose Lead Walking

Wanted by so many, achieved by so few. Loose lead walking looks like it should be simple. It’s anything but.

We’ve got tools and exercises galore to help you enjoy walks right now and in the future too. 


Settle Like a Pro

Want to be able to take your dog to the pub or cafe? Or enjoy a picnic in the sun without your dog helping themselves?

Teach your dog to chill anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


Stress-free Husbandry

It’s a huge topic but you can start small really easily. Do you have a hard time clipping your dog’s nails? Brushing their ears? Will they not tolerate ear or eye drops? Or perhaps taking them to the vet is a nightmare? 

We can help you reduce the stress for both of you.


Playing Together

Does your dog seem reticent to play with you? Or easily put off or distracted? Or is your dog a demon when playing and it all gets a bit much?

Play should be enjoyable for both of you. We can help you discover what games your dog loves or install some rules for those over enthusiastic game players. 

Sign up for Deep dives

£20 per class

Tuesday evenings, 6.30pm, Northchapel Village Hall

Northchapel Hall

Building Your Bond

3 August

Loose lead walking

10 August

Settle like a pro

17 August

Stress-free Husbandry

24 August

Playing together

31 August