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Specialised classes that focus on the most important aspects of puppy raising at the right time 


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About puppy start right

Why Start Right?

Puppy class is arguably the most important class of your dog’s life. 

Everyone talks about socialising your puppy, but what does that actually mean? And how much of it do your have to do and how long for? 

On top of that your puppy needs to learn to toilet outside, to stop biting everyone and stealing and chewing up things he shouldn’t. Then there’s the training that everyone tells you he needs, but no one can tell you exactly what and how.

Your puppy is an individual and it’s important that you go at his pace, but how do you know what that is?

There’s no time to waste with puppy socialisation, you only have a few weeks once he comes home, but that sense of urgency can also mean you push your puppy too far too fast. 

What you need is a class that focuses on the most important lessons your puppy needs to learn at the right time and someone to guide you through it. 

Let us help you so you can navigate puppyhood smoothly. 


What You’ll Get

personalised plan

Early socialisation is vital for young puppies and you only have a few weeks to fit a lot in. It’s a sensitive time and it’s easy to do too little or too much. You’ll be given a personalised plan after each class to follow so your puppy can get the experiences he needs at the right time.

Small classes

No more than 4 in a class along with professional, experienced tuition means you can be confident you’ll get plenty of individual attention.

Online Access

Need a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing? I’ve got you covered with an online academy where you’ll have access to printable notes and videos to recap each class.

dog friendly methods

Only modern dog (and people) friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here.

Learn to use food, toys, praise and other rewards as effective reinforcement. No bribery!

Problem prevention

Exercises to tackle and prevent those common problems like puppy biting, chewing and stealing everything and jumping up.

Classes are taught by an experienced qualified  behaviourist and trainer so any early emerging problems can be noticed and dealt with swiftly


a confident puppy

While teaching things like sit and down are useful, what’s most important at this age is to teach your puppy how to be cool, calm and confident no matter what life may throw at him. We concentrate on building bravery, confidence and a can do attitude in our puppies.

A focus on puppy raising

While your puppy is young the most important lessons he can learn are about the world he is going to live in and what he can expect. 

The socialisation stage begins at about 4 weeks and the window closes at around 16 weeks. A lack of suitable socialisation during this critical period is a large factor in the development of behaviour problems such as dogs who are afraid of new people, loud noises, reaching hands, and fast moving objects like skateboards, bikes or cars. 

In addition our expectations of the social skills of dogs are more complex now than they have ever been. With our busy, rushed lifestyles we’ve also got so much less time to devote to puppy raising than we ever did. 

So in our opinion the traditional puppy class that concentrates more on obedience training with a bit of “getting the puppy used to X” thrown in has the mix wrong. That’s why we’ve turned it on its head. 

Socialisation isn’t just about exposing your puppy to everything and anything. It’s about appropriate exposure – for your individual puppy, with the emphasis on positive experiences.  What’s right for one puppy could be quite wrong for another. There’s no standard formula.

Socialisation is also about learning when greeting or interacting isn’t appropriate, something that seems to often be overlooked in our quest to have our dogs love everything. 

Puppy Start Right  therefore concentrates on teaching your puppy to recognise normal situations and to learn the appropriate routines and behaviours when he encounters them. We teach you how to expose your puppy to these environments and help your puppy learn how to navigate them.

One of our main goals is creating confidence and so we include games and exercises to help to build it. We also teach you how to nurture and increase confidence in your puppy in your everyday interactions and experiences. 

Finally we include what we consider to be the essential behaviours your puppy needs to help you out on your socialisation programme. There are probably much fewer than you expect, but you’ve got your whole dog’s life to teach him lots of behaviours, and just a short time to benefit from the socialisation window. Don’t waste it.

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For puppies from 8-20 weeks

Tuesday evenings from 7pm, Loxwood, West Sussex

£125 per 6 week course

Rolling admission so get in touch for next available start date.


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