I’ve recently been adding items to the stock I hold for clients, sometimes I also make this stock available on my online shop too. I’m pretty strict about what I will sell to people. It has to be an item I use for my own dogs and/or with client dogs and I am happy to recommend. In all honesty the shop started out really because I wanted to buy some things for my own use, had to import them and there was a minimum order size. As I don’t have permanent premises and so stock is stored in our home I can only keep small amounts in stock at any one time. Yet another reason for being picky about what I’ll sell. At least customers can be assured that the few items I stock I really stand by.

One such item that seems to be going down a storm with my own dogs and friends dogs are the antler chews. In particular the Easy Antler chews.

inside easy antlers

Antler chews have been around for a while and you can pick up various ones from most pet stores now quite easily, so why would I bother stocking any when it’s so easy for everyone to grab some? The reason – the easy range from Antlers, my dogs love them. These antlers have been hand cut length ways to make it easier for your dog to reach the tasty inner marrow.


I’ve found these chews to be excellent for my older and more lazy chewers and as a great way to introduce antlers in general to a dog that might not be that interested in the whole ones. A friends older puppy also loves these. I think that some dogs when going through teething stages especially when they’ve finally got all their adult teeth and seem to be “settling them in” particularly appreciate harder items to chew. Some puppies find a love of wood or sticks at this time and these easy antler chews would be a good substitute I think – hard, yet giving at the same time just like wood and sticks but with less mess.

Fallow half

These Easy Antler Chews have the same great benefits as the Original Antler Chews, naturally shed antlers full of good minerals, free from additives and preservatives, they don’t smell or stain carpet or furniture and although not quite as long lasting as the original antler range they still last longer than a lot of other chews that my dogs have.

Since the Easy Antlers went down so well I also tried out the Fallow Antler rangeĀ as these are reportedly softer than the originals but a bit larger and obviously differently shaped. I can report that my Springer Spaniels in particular like the Fallow Antlers.

Since the antler chews were going down so well I decided to try out the Antler Bakes recently. Oh my! I’m having a hard time keeping dog noses out of the stock box! Made with ground antler these hand baked biscuits seem to be a real hit here with the hounds. For Christmas these biscuits come in a Jute Pouch with a cute jingle bell attached and would make a really nice gift for your dog I’m sure.

original antler bakes xmas bag

All these antler chews and bakes are available on our online shop, although my dogs are probably going to try and hide the stock so they can keep them all for themselves!