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Behaviour help

For reactivity, aggression, fear or anxiety.



I specialise in dogs who are aggressive or reactive to other dogs, other people, or members of the family. Or for those dogs who experience fear or anxiety in certain situations. 

I also have a special place in my heart for dogs in the teenage life stage who have big feelings and often big behaviours to go with them.

I support clients across the UK with online services or if you are local, I also offer in-person coaching at a venue in Fernhurst, West Sussex.

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Problems with other dogs

For dogs that are difficult around other dogs that they don’t live with.

Does your dog bark and/or lunge at other dogs on walks?

Do you have to go out of your way to avoid other dogs?

Are you embarrassed about what other dog owners may think about you?

Feel terrible about how others view your dog?

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Problems with other people

For dogs that are difficult around other people that they don’t live with.

Does your dog bark non-stop at visitors?

Or bark and lunge at people you come across on your walk?

Are you scared that your dog may end up biting someone?

Or guilty that your children can’t have friends over?

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Problems towards you

For dogs that show problematic behaviours towards people they live with.

Does your dog guard food or toys? Or growl when you stroke or groom them?

Is putting their harness on, or cleaning them after a muddy walk a daily battle?

Are you fed up with feeling like you’re walking on eggshells around them?

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Teenage Dog Problems

For dogs between 6-18 months that over-react to situations.

Is your dog a bit much sometimes?

Are they fine one day and then a barking lunatic the next?

Are you frustrated that all the training you so carefully did has fallen out of their head?

Are you feeling frazzled and like you can’t cope with the seemingly constant meltdowns?

Lost? Looking for more help?

If you’re not sure if the problems you are having are covered by our services, get in touch anyway.

Tell us a bit about what is going on and we’ll be able to tell you if we can help or direct you to other professionals who can help you further if we can’t.

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