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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you run puppy classes?

No, we specialise in over-reactivity and aggression. We are happy to give you a list of our recommended resources if you get in touch.

What other classes are available?

Tails We Win concentrates on providing services for those living with dogs that are aggressive or over-react to other dogs, people or members of the family. We also dearly love our bonkers teenage dogs who often also show reactive behaviours due to big feelings at this awkward age.

Since those dogs generally aren’t served well with traditional obedience or life skills classes we don’t do them. Any classes or events we hold are aimed with dogs with big feelings and big behaviours in mind. We don’t hold them often, but when we do they will be on our events page.


Where should I start?

Pick the description that sounds most like your dog and book a call!

If you really aren’t sure what is most suitable, you can contact us directly. Tell us what challenges you are facing and we’ll be able to tell you whether our services are suitable. If they aren’t we will be able to direct you to other certified and experienced colleagues who can help you.

Do I have to book a call before I can book a behaviour package?

Nope. If you know that you want to work with me and you know what package style will suit you and you just want to get started, you can book in right away.

If you’re not sure about anything though, book the cal. This is so I can find out more about the problem(s) you are experiencing.

Some problems require more time to work through than others or need more coaching to get the best results.

I can then advise you what package(s) you will need and when we can start working together.

Can we work in person?

If you are willing and able to travel to the private facility I use in Fernhust, West Sussex, then yes.

I will always do our first session online. That’s because it’s primarily a fact finding mission that will be more comfortable for you to do at home.

But we can do subsequent coaching sessions in person at the private field.

I do not travel to client’s homes. This is for efficiency reasons, but mainly because your dog will be more comfortable.

Since I specialise in reactivity, aggression, fear and anxiety, most of the dogs I work with will have big feelings about a stranger in their home (even if they are “good” feelings). And those big feelings will limit the amount we can get done, because we’ll have to manage your dog more.

So I offer online, where you and your dog are comfortable at home without a weirdo present. Or in a safe, enclosed field where there’s lots of room to stay away from the weirdo. This works best for everyone.

You’ll be able to concentrate on what I’m coaching you to do, rather than worrying about what your dog is going to do. And that means you’ll get better results more quickly.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I can’t offer a guarantee of results and it would be unethical to do so. There are far too many variables that we can’t control that determine behaviour outcomes.

What I can guarantee you is:

  • A safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Commitment to help you seek relief, change and improvement
  • Dedication to kind, fair, science-based training methods for both you and your dog.
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