Dog Behaviour Problems

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Has your dream of the perfect pup turned into a nightmare?

It’s frustrating, not to mention embarrassing, that your longed for Lassie is actually a chaos causing Cujo.

He has become a source of pain not pride.

It’s time to make a change so you can enjoy, not endure, your furry friend.

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Behaviour Services

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Problems with other dogs

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on walks?

Can just the sound of dog tags on a collar make them go crazy?

Are you feeling guilty because you are avoiding taking them out for walks?

Problems with other people

Does your dog bark and lunge at people on your walks?

Have you stopped having people over because your dog just barks non-stop?

Are you scared that they might not stop at barking?

Problems towards you

Does your dog growl or snap at you when they’ve stolen something?

Do you have trouble grooming or moving your dog off the furniture?

Are you worried that your relationship is broken?

Teenage Dog Problems

Do you worry about what trouble they’ll discover each day?

Are they fine one day and then a barking lunging crazy thing the next?

Are you frustrated that your perfect puppy has become a hell hound overnight?

How a Daily Reflection Practise Helps With Reactivity

Living with a reactive dog can be a challenging, overwhelming, exhausting experience. As someone living with a reactive dog you may find yourself constantly on edge and anxious, never knowing when...

Why I Don’t Need to See the Problem Behaviour

One of the things I get asked a lot is “do you want to see what happens when….”. It seems that many clients are desperate for me to see the problem behaviour in action. There is a belief that I need...

Why obedience training will not fix your dog’s behaviour problem

It feels like it should be a simple thing, doesn’t it? To fix your dog's behaviour problem, they “just” need to learn to come back when you call. Or they “just” need to learn they can’t bark and...

Why Residential Training Might Not Work For You

I’m often asked if I will take dogs in and do the training for you. Residential training is not something I offer. There are lots of personal reasons for why I don’t. I believe if I was to offer...

Attitude is Everything, My Positive reinforcement philosophy

There’s always a lot of discussion, or fighting sometimes, about ethics, ethos and methods like positive reinforcement and punishment in the dog training world. So much that it can become difficult...

Why comparison sucks, except when it doesn’t

"Comparison is the thief of joy" is attributed to several people including Theodore Roosevelt, which probably means it was someone else. Regardless of who said it first, I think I agree mostly. It...

Reasons dog trainers get better results than the average dog owner

We aren’t magic. Much as that would make our lives easier. But that’s a good thing because it means that anyone can learn to do what we do. Dog trainers get better results, or results more...

How to achieve easy living with your dog

I live with three spaniels currently. At one point I lived with two German Shepherds, a saluki and two spaniels. I always felt I should even things up with another sighthound. But didn’t want to...

Living with a Dog Behaviour Problem Means Honouring the Dog You Have

Living with a dog behaviour problem is by definition challenging for us. If we didn't find the behaviour difficult to live with, we wouldn't define it as a problem. Our dogs are individuals with an...

Dog Training Lingo: What’s the Difference Between Habituation, Desensitisation, and Counterconditioning?

You’ve heard the terms habituation, desensitisation and counterconditioning but you’re not sure what they mean or why each one is important. They seem to be flung about with abandon and sometimes...

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