Some more social events

We have some more social events in November and December for previous/existing Tails We Win clients.

17 November – Recaller Graduate Session. 10-11am at our training field in Petworth.
For those that have completed our Recallers Class and would like to practise their recalls in a safe enviornment with other like minded people. When you book a place us what you’d really like to practse or are having trouble with and we’ll do our best to come up with appropriate games and environments to help you and your dog learn together.
Cost: £15

24 November – Social Walk, 10-11.30 am, probably Petworth Park
For any and all existing/previous clients with dogs that will not be too stressed by the presence of other dogs and people. We can work with those dogs that just need a little more space than normal however. If you are not sure get in contact to discuss it with us.
We will be practising those skills needed for relaxed walks in the real world – loose lead walking, recall, focus, social manners etc.
Cost :£15

15 December – Xmas Walk, 10-11.30ish, probably Petworth Park.
For existing/previous clients and Recaller Graduates. Come join us for a relaxed walk, practising those pesky recalls and other skills whilst enjoying mulled wine and mince pies.
Same rules apply as for other social walks, your dog must be able to cope with other dogs and people around, get in contact if you aren’t sure.
Cost: £15

Possible New Classes

More Life Skills
We are considering putting on a class for graduates of our Life Skills course – Life Skills 2! This class would aim to consolidate those skills from Life Skills 1 and also start to include some more advanced training for husbandry and handling skills to make vet visits easy as well as grooming, nail clipping, towel drying etc. we would also be exploring concepts like behaviour shaping so that you will be able to teach your dog any behaviour you like in future.
If you would be interested please drop an email to kelly@tailswewin.co.uk so we can gauge interest and organise dates.

Scent/Nose work Class
Now the nights are drawing in along with the winter weather it can be difficult to get out and about for long walks. Scent games can be a great outlet for you dog and his pent up energy. If you would be interested in a course purely on scentwork let us know –kelly@tailswewin.co.uk

On going TWW Club
Our final idea (this month at least) for a class is for those who would be interested in joining an on going training group. We’d meet regularly on a pay as you go basis and the format would be fairly open. We’d do different activities and help you with whatever you particularly needed or wanted help with. Behaviour shaping, scent, husbandry and handling, even basic agility skills could all be covered. I think this group would be ideal for those who have enjoyed their previous classes and would like to continue having fun training their dog but don’t necessarily have anything specific in mind.
If you’d be interested send an email to kelly@tailswewin.co.uk and let us know.

Agility Venue

Finally we are still looking for an appropriate venue for agility classes. Our ideal venue would be indoors so we are not ruled by the weather or winter nights, but we could consider just making it a seasonal class if held outside. If you know of any venues that you think might be suitable please let me know at kelly@tailswewin.co.uk so I can look into it.

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