I know, I know I’ve been MIA for ages and now I’m adding to your inbox at a time when it’s already overflowing. Sorry.

2018 was a tough year for the humans at Tails We Win HQ with both my in-laws passing away in the first half of the year. That meant there was an awful lot of things to sort out and I made the decision to stop teaching classes temporarily. Part of the reason for my decision was that I was also enrolled on a 9 month course that had started in March with the Karen Pryor Academy and so had assignments and a lot of training to do with Flint. I decided for once I’d try not to do all of the things.

I had hoped I’d be able to tell you that I was a successful graduate by now, but I haven’t quite heard yet – I’m hopeful that I will in fact be able to announce soon, but I’ll be honest the longer it takes the more time I have to convince myself that I won’t……..

I did keep seeing clients on a private basis and have worked with many wonderful dogs and their humans this year. I also managed a scent talk for a local dog training club and a subsequent half day introduction workshop.

This segues nicely to my class offerings that are restarting in 2019. We are offering our flagship Behave! course for those everyday life skills and Come Back! to develop that all important recall. We also have a new look scent programme –  a progression of 3 classes taking you from Novice Noses to Super Sniffers. I’m excited about being able to introduce scentwork to more dogs and their people, especially for those dogs that can struggle with class environments. I have structured the classes so that each dog will work separately so we can suit the environment for each dog’s needs. 

I will also be introducing the use of scentwork of different kinds to our rehab days over 2019, so if you’ve completed a behaviour package with me and would like the chance to get a bit of a top up or just some practise in a controlled environment get in touch at contact@tailswewin.co.uk and we’ll let you know how to book on. 

At this point I was going to tell you how to survive the Christmas period with your dog and your sanity intact, however I already did the same kind of post last year. Since it doesn’t read too badly I thought I’d just link to it and save me some time. Surviving Christmas with your dog.

All that is left is to wish you a Christmas that is merry and bright and that 2019 brings you much happiness and joy.

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