We have a new training class starting soon at Lodsworth Village Hall on Monday evenings.

The class is Canine Life Skills 101 and we will be concentrating on teaching you and your dogs the essential skills necessary to navigate our hectic modern lifestyles.

It can be stressful coping with a dog who just doesn’t have the skills to calmly negotiate everyday life. Dogs who find things stressful or even mega-exciting often miss out because we just cannot take them to as many places when their behaviour is less than exemplary.

In this class we will concentrate on useful real life skills including focus and attention, meeting and greeting people and other dogs, loose lead walking, how to relax and settle, table manners, handling and grooming, coming back when called and how to play appropriately. The Life Skills course will give your dog lots of opportunities to practice their newly learned skills in different situations so that they can transfer their learning to real life.

We use motivational training methods, using food, toys and environmental rewards mainly based around clicker training. We do not use harsh or aversive techniques.

Anyone is welcome in this class, whether you have trained dogs before or not and any dog is welcome.

The classes will be held on Monday evenings, 7.10-8pm at Lodsworth Village Hall.

Next course starts 11th February 2013. Get in touch now to book a place, spaces are limited!