I know you have probably been seeing a lot of these posts and emails recently, but with the upcoming change in legislation on how businesses are allowed to contact people I’m afraid I’m joining in with the masses.

Although you should have voluntarily signed up to this email/blog it is possible in the dim and distant past that I did it on your behalf when you came to one of my classes. Therefore to be sure that this is truly only going out to those that really want to hear from me I’m going to ask you to sign up again – yeah I know I’m sorry.

So if you still want to hear from me and my blindingly awesome musings on living with dogs hit the link below and fill in the form (it’s short) and you’ll be properly signed up to continue hearing from me.

You should also know that if you want early notice about upcoming classes and workshops and to be able to sign up before anyone else hears about it this email list is the only way to get that – yeah it’s a bit sneaky but also the only way to ensure compliance with the new rules. You can choose though what kind of emails you want to receive, so if you hate these ramblings but want to know about upcoming classes you can totally do that.

Of course if you’re reading this on my blog or via the Facebook link or something use the link to sign up and get this kind of brilliance straight to your inbox – who wouldn’t want to see this kind of drivel once a week?!

If however you are sick of these emails and wish they’d stop already – there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom that will stop them from coming anymore immediately. Or if that’s a bit of a hassle for you – no worries, don’t do anything and these will stop come 25th May anyway (that’s when the GDPR legislation comes in and I’ll be swapping lists).

I’ve been really enjoying hearing back from you when my musings have stuck a chord with you and so I do hope you’ll be signing up for more.

It was illuminating last time I asked you questions about your dog’s problem behaviour and so I’m asking more questions again today – yes as well as making you sign up again I’m also asking you to fill in another form. This one is really short too though.

What do you want more information on? What topics should I write about next? The whole point of this is to give people free and useful information so I want to know what you most want and I’ll go ahead and try and tackle it. Be as specific or general as you want with as many ideas as you want. The blog and I aren’t going anywhere so there’s plenty of time to cover it all.