We are pleased to be hosting one of the UKs leading TTouch Instructors, Tina Constance, for a talk on 15th June at Northchapel Village Hall from 1.30pm. The talk is aimed exclusively at those working professionally with companion animals and horses and will illustrate how the TTouch techniques can be incorporated into your existing procedures to make life easier and less stressful for staff and the animals you treat. The talk will also cover how TTouch can be useful for behavioural challenges your patients may present, and introduce you to local practitioners who will be happy to work with you. The talk will cover working with both horses and companion animals.


TTouch is a kind and respectful way of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behavioural issues. It was developed over 30 years ago by Linda Tellington Jones and is now widely used around the world by trainers, shelter workers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviour counsellors, veterinary nurses, competition riders, riding instructors and animal owners. TTouch uses body work, ground work exercises where appropriate and specific equipment to release tension and promote a feeling of calm and well being. This helps animals develop self confidence and self control and enables them to move beyond their instinctive and often fearful responses.


A buffet lunch will be provided, and certificates for CPD can also be arranged (just ask when you book a place). Tickets are only £5

For more information and to book a ticket please see our event details